Case study – Specialist haulage solution provided

Case Study

Specialist haulage solution provided

Haulage contractor

Very happy with renewal’’

Sector: Haulage Contractor

Sub Sector: Road Haulage

The Problem:

In early March 2022, the fleet was due for renewal, after a second claim-free year following less good previous years.

A strategy with the insured for the forthcoming year needed to be agreed.

The Solution:

Ascend Broking worked with the existing insurer in obtaining a 5% reduction for 2021, and building a low claims rebate into the policy.

For 2022, we negotiated hard but fairly and obtained a 10% rate reduction, as well as the 10% low rebate clause to be paid just after acceptance of renewal.

In addition, the fleet had a driver with a very high excess due to previous convictions. We had the additional excess removed completely.

Consultant: Lawrence Fuller