Modern Claims Awards - Broker Of The Year Winner

Making claims clear…

We know that making a claim can be a stressful time and policy wordings can be unclear. At Ascend, we wish to change this by helping our clients to understand what their policy covers and what happens throughout the process of their claim.

Below are documents we have compiled to assist you with understanding the claims process and terms used within your policies.


Making claims clearer

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Claims signposting

We’ve compiled the following documents to provide a much clearer explanation of what customers can expect to happen during a claim.

Common reasons for repudiation

The documents below outline common reasons for claims not being paid and practical guidance to get customers back on their feet as soon as possible.

Explanation of Terms and Conditions

We have compiled the documents below to explain our Terms and Conditions in plain English. We want customers to know what they are buying.

General policy advice

The following documents highlight standard exclusions customers should be aware of when taking out a policy and how to make sure policy conditions aren’t breached.

Fraud prevention

The following document outlines in plain English exactly what insurance fraud is.