Working in the manufacturing industry requires detail and precision. The manufacturer's insurance covering you should be the same.

From the safety risks faced by your employees working with heavy-duty machinery, to staff working in a clerical or administrative capacity, you need to have peace of mind that there is an adequate insurance policy to step in when disaster happens.

Ascend Broking Group specialises manufacturer’s insurance and we work with a wide variety of businesses to ensure their policies are up to scratch when the worst happens.

Do you know what Directors and Officers Indemnity Insurance is and why it is so important?

How would you fund the legal costs and awards made against you?

The manufacturer's insurance policies we source can provide cover against a vast range of risks including:

Why choose Ascend Broking Group to look after your Manufacturer’s Insurance cover?

Our policies are tailored to meet the needs of this ever-evolving and growing sector, catering for the complex exposures that are faced in the manufacturing and supply chain arenas.

The areas we cover are:

  • Safety critical products
  • Businesses with import/export exposures
  • Manufacturing processes involving hazardous components & materials
  • Businesses that are involved in installation and maintenance of products
  • Precision engineering
  • Multi-site operations with complex supply chain and logistical needs
  • Food manufacturing & processing

What do we do other than manufacturer's insurance?

Directors and Officers liability insurance, also known as Directors and Officers indemnity insurance, offers financial protection against any claims for compensation made against directors and officers of charities. In key posts, there’s a heightened level of responsibility and public accountability. Directors and Officers liability cover offers protection if an employee, sub contractor, service recipient or member of the public claims a director or officer has acted wrongfully. For the reasons stated above, and there can be many more, these make this type of insurance vital for all businesses.

We go into much greater detail on this on the Directors and Officers Insurance page of our website.

What services do we offer?

Who to speak to?

Please contact Chris Buchholz, who is our resident expert, for all enquiries regarding manufacturing and precision engineering insurance. Chris has been specialising in Manufacturer’s Insurance for almost 15 years and would be more than happy to discuss your business’ needs. Chris’ contact details can be found below, or if you would prefer, please complete the contact form at the bottom of this page and Chris will contact you at your convenience.

Chris Buchholz Cert CII
Account Executive
M: 07842 021430   E: