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Report your claim today by submitting a Claim Form

What is a Claim Form?

 A Claim Form is a document containing a series of questions to answer in order to retrieve all relevant information about the accident. The answers must be truthful and relevant so insurers may be able to indemnify your claim. Some of the questions included will ask about the driver, the third party involved, the incident itself and series of events which took place, any injuries sustained and police at the scene (if applicable).

The traditional method of reporting your claims

It is always best to report claims via telephone or through our Claims App. However, we understand that this is not always possible for everyone. In the event where you are unable to report your claim, you can download a form from the links provided below which you can fill out and submit. Please ensure you fill out every section of the form so your insurer is provided with all the information they need from the start, allowing them to progress your claim immediately.

What happens next?

Depending on your service level, this will either be submitted directly to your insurance provider or to us. If submitted to us, we will then pass it onto the insurer for you and continue the handling process on your behalf. Once received by the insurers, they will begin their own investigations into the incident to determine if indemnity will be granted. Rest assured, we or your insurer will contact you if anything else is required.
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