ESG at Ascend Broking

Ascend environmental ESG

‘Environmental’ considers how we use energy and manage the environmental impact on the planet, not only for our business but the impact on our clients’ businesses. 

Factors considered are energy efficiency, climate change, carbon emissions, biodiversity, air and water quality, and waste management and responsible procurement.

Ascend ESG SOcial

‘Social’ considers how we foster our people and culture, and how that has ripple effects on the broader community and our clients. 

Factors considered are inclusivity, gender and diversity, employee engagement, customer satisfaction, data protection, privacy, community relations, human rights and labour standards. As well as showing support, helping to raise awareness, collecting donations and more.

Ascend EGS Governance

‘Governance’ considers our internal system of controls, practices, and procedures and how an organisation stays ahead of violations.

Factors considered are the company’s leadership, executive compensation, shareholder rights, bribery and corruption, lobbying, and whistleblower programmes.

We have policies for all major governance factors. 

Our Vision

Our Goals

We aim to be socially accountable. A responsible mindset drives everything we do across our business, with care and integrity on the list of Ascend Broking core values.

Our Community

Ascend Broking strongly believes in supporting our community through local groups, charities and festivals, to promote events in our region and help drive the local economy

Our Customers

At Ascend, we pride ourselves on creating long-lasting relationships with our customers. We aim to provide a fair and transparent service.

Our Employees

Ascend is an inclusive working environment, where we continually develop our talent, reward great performance, protect our people and value our differences.

Our Environment

Ascend is an inclusive working environment, where we continually develop our talent, reward great performance, protect our people and value our differences.

Our Industry

Each year, we accommodate one marketing and one design work experience placement, developing strong connections with local colleges and schools, and giving back to our industry.

Our GREEN Credentials

  • Recycling bins in the office
  • ‘Think before you print’ policy to reduce paper
  • Printing on recycled paper/materials for us and clients (where budget allows)
  • Company travel policy to reduce impact on the environment when driving a car
  • Using smart technology to save paper – ie. DocuSign and Ascend 24/7
  • Allocated working from home days to reduce carbon emissions
  • Energy-efficient lighting 
  • Recycling water bottles, coffee cups & packaging
  • Office supplies, including cleaning products and stationery are eco-friendly where possible
  • Ascend Forest – planting a tree for every policyholder
Ascend ESG

The Ascend Forest

Where are my trees planted?

We plant your trees right here in Essex

Time4Trees is a new company established by land restoration specialists, Land Logical and M&M Environmental. Land Logical’s core business is restoring damaged land, such as landfills and other sites that need remediation or decontamination before they can sustain any productive use.

This can typically involve substantial engineering operations using the importation of inert materials to improve ground conditions – and planting lots of trees! And, as a bi-product on some sites, diversification into ‘green energy’ production through, for example, turning methane from landfill into electricity.

Some of the current projects in the UK are based in:

Ascend Forest

Our simple carbon offsetting client scheme

We will automatically plant a tree for you, offsetting your carbon emissions. 

Join us in planting the Ascend Forest as part of our environmental sustainability project.

Trees planted so far: 5,100

Sometimes it’s the little things that count…

Ascend Forest

A tree will be planted for you

Trees for your business

Offset your unavoidable business carbon emissions

Automatic planting

Our aim is to plant over 10,000 trees




Climate change is our greatest threat

But you can help to do something about it! Carbon dioxide is one of the biggest drivers of climate change, and we all know we should be playing our part in reducing and negating carbon emissions.

Tree planting not only helps offset your emissions, but it comes with tons of other benefits, too.

Each tree planted retains carbon dioxide from the climate, balancing your carbon footprint. It likewise delivers oxygen, channels the air, channels precipitation and increments climatic dampness.

Planned rigorously by our partners at Landlogical, every digital welcome pack comes with GPS Co-Ordinates locating, exactly, the position of your planted trees. Check them out on Google Earth or swing by for a visit!


Every tree you plant doesn’t just fight climate change, it also rejuvenates abandoned, destroyed & neglected UK land. With four Planting Sites, there’s somewhere for everyone & huge scope for our UK forestry projects.

Tree planting demonstrates to your customers and your employees that you care about your business’s effect on the world’s climate and you’re doing your part to help.

Our Achievements

  • We completed an ESG company audit and created an ESG Strategy
  • We carried out 12 good deeds – one per month in 2023
  • We provided 50 Christmas hampers for the local community
  • We took part in xxxxxx

Our Goals

  • We will continue to research innovative sustainability initiatives for both us as a company and our clients.
  • We will continue to support our local community and charities through regular activities, from providing our services to fundraising.
  • We will continue to provide work placements for local students.
  • We will continue to invest in our staff including Diversity, Equality & Inclusion training.

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