Case study – NBC fleet into fleet related policy

Case Study

NBC fleet into fleet related policy

Bonus conversion success

“The client’s renewal was due within 24 hours. They sent across the company and vehicle details and proof of NCB and we managed to obtain competitive terms for a new fleet policy.”

Sector: Construction

Sub Sector: Roofing

The Problem:

The client had 3 vehicles all insured individually on an no claims bonus scheme, and the current broker was insistent he couldn’t move to a fleet rated policy.

The current policies were also based on named drivers and it was costing him approx. £25 to add a new driver each time in policy fees charged by the broker and insurer.

The Solution:

We managed to save around 45% of what they were currently paying. We provided a quote quickly without any hassle and we were able to obtain a policy that would provide the client with a wider range of cover, including a more suitable driving restriction based on any driver aged 30 and over.

Consultant: Eddie Carter