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Ascend launch new style credit insurance

Ascend Broking Group have launched a revolutionary new credit insurance facility on a per-invoice basis from just £5.60* per policy, making it much more affordable and than traditional credit insurance.

Credit insurance allows your business to grow by offering credit terms to new buyers, knowing that you're protected if things don’t go to plan. It could be easier to win new business when you don't have to ask for payment upfront, if your customer wants to pay on invoice.

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What’s invoice insurance?

Invoice insurance provides businesses like yours with peace of mind, so you know that if one of your buyers becomes insolvent while owing you money, you still get paid. Unlike traditional credit insurance, we don't require you to insure your entire turnover for thousands of pounds. Instead, we allow you to insure individual invoices. If your buyer becomes insolvent, you can file a claim with a payout of 90%* of the invoice value.

Who’s invoice insurance for?

Invoice insurance is perfect for small and medium-sized businesses with invoices of up to £100,000. It’s useful for companies that operate in sectors such as manufacturing, wholesale, food production, recruitment, logistics and printing. We cover every sector. You can use invoice insurance to win new business by offering credit terms to customers, knowing you're protected when the invoice goes unpaid, if they become insolvent.

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How do claims work?

If a buyer has become insolvent, we’ll process the insurance claim quickly in a few simple steps. If this happens, you’ll receive a letter from the administrators, which you’ll need to submit to us through our website. We’ll check the documents and keep in touch with you throughout the process. When everything is approved, we aim to pay out within thirty days.

What is the maximum amount I can insure?

The maximum amount you can insure for a single invoice is £100,000. You can insure multiple transactions from the same buyer.

What does invoice insurance cover?

Invoice insurance can protect your invoices against non-payment in the event of insolvency or bankruptcy. It can also protect against any outstanding losses incurred as part of a company voluntary arrangement (CVA).

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