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Why should hauliers use Returnloads?


Why should hauliers use Returnloads?

Is your business currently facing pressure to improve efficiency and increase profitability? This is the situation for many haulage companies today. From poor fleet management to the resources that are wasted on empty journeys, your current working practices could be costing your business unnecessarily. Returnloads is a platform designed to provide opportunities for hauliers to start hitting key efficiency and revenue goals – and to identify new ways to help the business grow.

Improve existing fleeting management

Returnloads provides an opportunity to upgrade the way you currently handle your fleet. GPS fleet tracking is combined with the freight exchange platform to offer real-time tracking of vehicles on the road, as well as the live loads that are available close by. This can help to improve fleet oversight, as well as management and identifying opportunities to increase revenue.

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Reducing inefficiency

Vehicles driving empty remains one of the most unnecessary – and significant – costs to a haulage business. These dead miles cost money in terms of fuel and drivers but add nothing where revenue is concerned. Returnloads gives a haulage company access to thousands of return loads and back loads every day so that empty running times can be minimised and inefficiency reduced.

The opportunity to boost profits

There are 100,000 loads available online every month on Returnloads, which provides a wealth of opportunities for increasing profits. It’s possible for any haulage company to take on more work by using Returnloads, without the requirement to increase the size of the fleet as a result. Swapping empty miles for a paid job means that profits on some journeys can effectively be doubled – and the Returnloads process is so simple that there is no significant administration obstacle to get through to achieve this.

Growing your business with Returnloads

Returnloads is the most active haulage exchange website in the UK and being a member can enable any haulage company to create exciting possibilities for growth. Use the platform to find different types of loads so that you can take on new customers and never turn down any potential jobs again. Transform current empty truck space into opportunities to generate revenue and ensure that you’re not losing money on empty miles. Use the platform to expand your existing professional network and help to create new contacts in the industry that will support your business as it continues to grow.

Simplicity and peace of mind

Returnloads has been designed to be simple to use. It will also integrate easily with existing transport management and telematics systems, creating more opportunities for efficiency and reducing your existing admin burden. The platform’s ‘star rating system’ provides complete transparency and enables service standards to be maintained so that even if you’re sub-contracting the work you can still ensure consistent performance.

As financial pressures and targets increase it’s essential for any haulage company to find a way to be more effective and minimise wasted time and resources. Returnloads is a simple and innovative way for hauliers to improve efficiency and productivity and identify new opportunities for growth.


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