Why app-based systems are essential for motor fleet policies

Technological advances for motor fleet policies span far beyond telematics and driver assistance systems. New ways of connecting drivers to insurers directly allows for comprehensive gathering of data that can help claims.

Cloud-based technologies, such as the Ascend Claims App, allows policy holders to upload pictures and files immediately so that insurers can access them. The consequence of this is a far quicker response from insurers which drives down claims costs. Cloud-based technologies such as the Ascend Claims App are essential for businesses looking to reduce costs when a claim does arise.

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Cloud-based systems are a good way of protecting yourself in the event of an accident. It is always better to look to the future and prepare for it than to not have something in place should something bad happen. This, in turn, can lessen the impact a claim could have financially, especially on small and medium sized businesses.

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During the lockdown period there was a sharp rise in accidents involving static vehicles and, with many insurers furloughing staff, the length of time for claims to be resolved increased significantly. Another benefit of a cloud-based claims system is that claims can be reported immediately rather than waiting around for a response from your insurer. With a seemingly uncertain future ahead, it has never been more essential to have a cloud-based claims system.

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