Why an independent broker?

We know that buying insurance can be difficult. Searching the market for the right product at the right price can be exhausting – and once you’ve found a product, how do you know that you’ve got the right level of cover? An independent insurance cover can make the process much easier, help you to save money and ensure you get the right cover for your needs.
While many online price comparison websites seem to offer an easy way for customers to select the cheapest insurance policy without having to go through a broker, ‘cheapest’ does not always mean ‘best value’ and the policies on offer will be generic ‘one size fits all’ insurance solutions. It’s also important to note that some price comparison sites are owned by insurers too, which may affect their results.
When using an independent insurance broker you’ll have an expert adviser working on your behalf who can fully assess your needs. Taking into account your available budget, the adviser will find the right policies at the right price, rather than just choosing those that are apparently the cheapest, ‘off the peg’.

Working for you

Going directly to an insurer may not offer the best solution either, because they may not be entirely impartial; their advisors are tied to the company’s products because it’s in their interest. An independent broker, in contrast, is working just for you.
If your insurance broker is truly independent, the adviser will be able to present a range of options from a number of different companies. He or she will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of each policy based on your personal circumstances when helping you make a selection.
Independent insurance brokers are particularly good with specialist or niche insurance too. A company agent may have no experience of such areas and if you do need to claim, a broker can handle the details on your behalf, saving you the stress.
It definitely pays to make sure that your insurance broker is entirely independent. Using one that is independent is the only way to guarantee you will receive unbiased advice covering a wide range of insurers.

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