What has Brexit meant for your business?

What has Brexit meant for you?


With nearly 1 in 4 UK hauliers having already lost business due to Brexit, a survey reveals that many UK hauliers remain unprepared for the end of the Brexit transition period, with just 3% stating they are totally prepared for the transition. The majority stated they needed more clarity on border legislation changes from the government.


The main problems seem to be:

- Increased waiting time at the border

- Increased time spent in admin in preparation to cross the border

- Higher tariffs imposed on goods

- Less access to European goods

- Changing licensing and registration requirements

- Less access to European staff

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“What does your company need to make the Brexit transition more manageable?”


In order to dilute the sting from the transition, hauliers are seeking additional clarity and support for their companies, as well as more time to complete the required admin.


- More clarity on border legislation changes from the government

- More time to make the legislation changes and get the required admin in order

- Additional financial support to implement new software technology

- Additional staff support

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The Brexit issue will rumble on for some time, but being prepared is the best advice. Having the right insurance policies in place to give peace of mind for vehicles going to Europe and correct cover for the goods you have in storage or transit is important. Ascend Broking Group have a specialist Transport division that could help. Check out our page here


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