What can Fleets Expect in 2023?

2022 was a wild ride for the trucking industry, but as we enter autumn many are wondering what will happen next. Sean Storey of Capital Equipment spoke recently at NationaLease, offering his thoughts during their recent Annual Meeting about how he thinks things may play out over the coming 12 months.

He says that despite all the supply chain disruptions which have cost businesses so much money these past few years, his business is still going ahead with its fleet's plans, despite expecting increased allocations by manufacturers and higher prices because of surcharges or inflation.

As material shortages continue to affect the industry, many expect that orders will be allocated rather than delivered in a timely manner. No one knows for sure how this situation will play out, but it is likely the market will be affected by inflationary pressures from energy markets, fuel rates elements such as coalbed methane or oilfield services fees, commodity prices such as petroleum products (petroleum), natural gas liquids(glycerol) and electricity production.

Many logistics constraints, including port delays and currency stability issues will contribute to product shortages in 2023.

Fleets need to preserve their existing vehicles as there is a big question about how many - if any - new ones they'll be acquiring next year; component shortages will also continue, so businesses should establish a full raft of backup supplies, especially those core products which haven’t always been available during past emergencies, like tyres or spark plugs.

Fleet managers must consider the environmental benefits of electric vehicles when making investment decisions. EVs have a range which can be between 100 and 300 miles per charge, but it may take up to a year before the infrastructure required for electric cars is in place. An eye needs to be kept on all developments when it comes to electric vehicles.

Fleets also need to invest in training and make sure they have an outside source for repairs.

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