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Chelmsford insurance broker!

Have you ever met your insurance broker?

We find many brokers just rely on phone and email. However, with Ascend being based in the heart of Chelmsford, we’re looking for the opportunity to work with local business’ in the Waterhouse industrial park.

We provide many Chelmsford firms solutions for all risks you may face whether that is for:

  • Public & Employers liabilities
  • Fleet
  • Business interruption
  • Directors & Officers
  • Material damage

Our team have a lifetime of underwriting and broking experience and offer a range of specialist expertise, products and services to clients throughout the UK.

We offer competitive insurance premiums and we never lose sight of the fact that providing value for money is essential. We only deal with insurers who are competitive, innovative, supportive and financially secure and can supply the covers and the claims service we demand.

As a local broker we bring you a true personalised service with mutual commitments on competitiveness and innovation.

[milo_headlines milo_title=”Local Broker:” milo_subtitle=”The benefits of having Ascend as your”]

[milo_service_box milo_style=”style-2″ milo_title=”Face to face meetings” milo_link=”” milo_icon=”setup-icon-favorite1″]We believe it’s important to understand what we’re insuring in person


[milo_service_box milo_style=”style-2″ milo_title=”Risk management” milo_link=”” milo_icon=”setup-icon-medal”] We work with risk management providers to help you mitigate your losses[/milo_service_box]

[milo_service_box milo_style=”style-2″ milo_title=”Award winning claims team” milo_link=”” milo_icon=”setup-icon-wind2″]Our in house team will know all about your risk when a claim comes in[/milo_service_box]

[milo_service_box milo_style=”style-2″ milo_title=”A local understanding” milo_link=”” milo_icon=”setup-icon-folder”]Being in based in Chelmsford we understand the area and challenges you face [/milo_service_box]

[milo_service_box milo_style=”style-2″ milo_title=”No Single Insurer Offering” milo_link=”” milo_icon=”setup-icon-linked”]We do not limit your insurer & product choice [/milo_service_box]

[milo_service_box milo_style=”style-2″ milo_title=”Giving back to the community” milo_link=”” milo_icon=”setup-icon-hand4″]We suppport many local charities as well as sponsoring Chelmsford City Football and Cricket teams.[/milo_service_box]

[milo_service_box milo_style=”style-2″ milo_title=”Work with A-rated, insurers” milo_link=”” milo_icon=”setup-icon-profile”]We work with A-rated, UK regulated insurers so you know you are buying a policy you can trust [/milo_service_box]

[milo_service_box milo_style=”style-2″ milo_title=”No Call Centre Hubs” milo_link=”” milo_icon=”setup-icon-chart1″]We don’t believe in centralised tele service hubs based upon your premium size[/milo_service_box]

[milo_service_box milo_style=”style-2″ milo_title=”Personalised Service” milo_link=”” milo_icon=”setup-icon-hand4″]As a local broker we’re happy to come down to visit at any time [/milo_service_box]

We have worked across the industry as directors in our own regional broker, to UK national and international insurance brokerage in high profile positions.

So it is only natural that we have gained unparelled insight into the strengths and weaknesses of broking and underwriting organisations. This experience, working across a magnitude of broking models, has enabled us to bring our customers something refreshing in a new, more focused broking environment, without unnecessary cost.

We have developed an enviable reputation in both the regional and London market over the past 25 years. Insurance, like most businesses, is still best conducted through relationships. Simply, the best deals are still done face-to-face and this plays to our strengths. Insurers respond positively to our high-quality market presentations and professional approach.

We presently have offices in Chelmsford and we will grow across the UK organically, through focused distribution of our products. We pride ourselves on being flexible and will always respond to your needs immediately.

We concentrate on quality, service and effectiveness and always put your requirements first.

Our face-to-face consultancy service is at the forefront of our offering, but – should you require – we have a dedicated, telephone-based, small business offering that can provide advice, quotations and instant policy issue.

The option you feel is right for your business will be available to you.

We look forward to working with you and welcoming you as a client.



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Successful deal-making in the insurance market relies on positive relationships, expertise and how your business is presented to the market