Virtual Fleet Manager

Virtual Fleet Manager

Virtual Fleet Manager

Imagine you were able to have access to a qualified transportation fleet manager without the cost?

Imagine they were able to ensure you complied with all the legislation?

Imagine no more!

We can provide you with your own virtual fleet manager. A virtual fleet manager can also assist with office compliance for the operator to help them stay the right side of the DVSA. They will be with you every step of the way.

If you operate a motor fleet, you need to ensure that vehicles are roadworthy and drivers comply with traffic and drivers’ hours rules. At the same time, you are also responsible to the wider public, through the traffic commissioner, in making sure your operator is compliant.

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How do you know you are the correct side of the law?

Digital tachographs and drivers’ hours: know your responsibilities

Some operators are blind to what their operatives are doing. The operator holds the O licence and they have operatives driving/using the vehicles.

Recent public inquiries held by the Traffic Commissioner have held directors responsible for failed systems.

Restricted licence holders are the most common type of operator license, and as a consequence of a restricted licence not requiring a qualified transport manager, this is also the most common licence to be brought to the attention of the Traffic Commissioner.

A system of audit and follow up visits will prevent licence curtailments and revocations


Why you need a virtual fleet manager

Boost Fleet Performance
Improve driving efficiency for maximised fuel savings:

  • Driver performance monitoring
  • Job management
  • Delivery management (ePOD)
  • Reporting module

Identify Unsafe Driving
Protect your fleet against unsafe driving habits:

  • Alcohol interlock devices
  • Contextual speeding
  • Driver distraction & fatigue cameras
  • Tyre pressure monitoring
  • Drivemetrics driver assessments


We can also assist with review and training to include:-

  • Depot risk assessment
  • 50 point assessment looking at all aspects of haulage management
  • Agency driver assessment
  • In-cab assessment of agency drivers including
  • Trailer hook up
  • Vehicle reversing

Simplify Compliance
Streamline your compliance to industry regulations:

  • Remote tachograph download
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Maintenance module

We can discuss in-cab driver training programmes

Our assessment will be undertaken by a qualified transport manager whose CV includes:

  • Qualified Transport Manager (OCR level 3) since 2016
  • CPC holder
  • Designer of bespoke systems
  • System audits
  • Driver assessments
  • Driver trainer
  • Member of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport


Detailed Audit Report includes:

  1. Company profile and operator licence details.
  2. Description of the operator’s business
  3. Management structure and maturity
  4. Company fitness & repute
  5. Driver management
  6. a) Driver recruitment & management
  7. b) Driver monitoring systems
  8. Vehicle maintenance and documentation
  9. Other related factors
  10. Details of documentation confirming inspection periods
  11. Remarks, recommendations and observations
  12. Supporting documentation
  13. Conclusion

Bespoke driver training program using a combination of:

  • Classroom training
  • Laptop assessment
  • Cab driver training programme
  • Our assessment will be undertaken by a qualified transport manager whose CV includes: Qualified Transport Manager (OCR level 3) since 2016
  • CPC holder, Designer of bespoke systems, system audits, driver assessments and driver trainer

A member of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport

We can provide a virtual transport manager who can provide the following:

  • 50 point assessment looking at all aspects of haulage management
  • Driver assessment – in-cab assessment of drivers including:
  • Trailer hook up
  • Vehicle reversing
  • Other risks highlighted from your claims history
  • Agency driver reviews
  • Vehicle inspections
  • 11 point full audit

Long-term employed drivers may also need extra help and a driving assessment which our experienced managers.

Our virtual fleet managers are also able to assist with driver walk-around training.


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