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Two new motor fleet insurers enter the UK market

Following the withdrawal of a number of motor fleet insurers in 2016/17, January has seen two new entrants utilising a select distribution network, one exclusively providing terms only with the use of forward thinking technology.

We provide a brief overview as to how a different approach to the way you purchase motor fleet insurance can help you drive long-term cost and premium down.

Related - How to get the best price for your Haulage Motor fleet Integrating technology more comprehensively than any other insurance product in the commercial motor sector, the insurer uses a system that connects the insured vehicle to their UK based claims team giving the handler immediate access to vehicle CCTV and accident telematics. This enables proactive claim handling resulting in significant claim cost savings and this will reduce your motor fleet premiums. Related -When should you use telematics in your vehicles? Each policyholder benefits from their own dedicated portal from which they can remotely access on-board vehicle CCTV, track their fleet of vehicles and monitor driving performance. Related -Vehicle Camera Telematics The system has delivered an average 35% saving to policyholder’s claims experience.

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The use of technology will enable you to drive your fleet management cost down. We are big advocates for the use of technology to help manage risk, mitigate losses and reduce frequency of claims – all leading to reduced premium spend. Our telematics offering is just one example of how this has been used to manage risk.These programmes are underwritten on a three year basis and provide guarantees of stable rates, giving non-claim reductions and minimal increases based upon claims. We are also working with a provider to develop instant claims reporting at the time of the incident, including third party details and injuries – all assisting in helping reduce your operating costs. Ascend Telematics Video The above is just a typical day-to-day event on our UK roads. We can provide you with access to a specialist insurance programme that includes CCTV in vehicles, and will provide you with real time alerts of possible incidents or bad driving. This will, in the long term, help you reduce accident frequency, claims cost and ultimately premiums and vehicle-operating costs.

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