Why you need a transport specialist insurance broker


Why you need a transport specialist broker

At Ascend we provide transport specialist insurance. We have 100+ combined years of experience in the transport insurance market. We even have an account executive who is an ex-driver himself. Therefore, we have a good insight into the industry and what risks you may face, with great access to the markets.

Whatever the size of your haulage operation, you'll have clients relying on your services and your ability to deliver. If your vehicles are out of action, you're not earning. When challenges arise, haulage insurance protects your operation's liabilities and assets; and that is important for everyone.

Keep your wheels turning

Have you ever thought about the impact on your business of a fire, theft or accident? With Ascend, you will have access to much-needed funds and advice to keep you operational.

Connect with partner insurers

With leading insurers and an award-winning broker on your side, you can feel confident your business is covered.

Expert advice and insight

We have access to the latest training, information and legislation advice from insurance, risk management and health & safety specialists.

How our haulage and logistics insurance experts help

You need to keep your business running, regardless of the challenges thrown your way – from a tight deadline to a vehicle off the road. Our transport insurance specialists are here to help because we know the importance of keeping your business on the road. We have been meeting hauliers' insurance needs for over 30 years, so we understand your challenges.

With expert knowledge of the haulage industry, we are able to recommend the best level of protection of goods-in-transit insurance and risk.


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