Training to help HGV drivers avoid cargo theft launched by NAVCIS

Training to help HGV drivers avoid cargo theft launched by NAVCIS


Cargo theft is on the increase. Latest figures from NAVCIS, which is the police department responsible for dealing with freight crime, reveal 321 offences involving theft of HGVs or theft from HGVs have been reported since 1 January this year, amounting to losses of around £6.2m. NAVCIS estimates the average cost price loss per incident amounts to £19,314.


Crimes this year include multiple thefts of HGVs, theft of high value cargoes, including IT equipment, cosmetics and drinks, drivers possessions stolen whilst making deliveries and dozens of “jump up” thefts of cargo in London whilst vehicles were idling in traffic.

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The low cost driver safety and freight security course, dubbed Save a Load, Save a Lorry, Save a Livelihood, offers essential crime prevention advice and can be delivered by mobile device.


The CPD accredited course provides NAVCIS-approved security training and crime prevention advice for the HGV driver. The course complements existing learning and demonstrates driver competence using a multiple choice assessment leading to a certificate of completion.

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NAVCIS said the course can be completed on any mobile device and is compatible with ‘in house’ training platforms.


The course covers a wide range of relevant topics with learning tested and designed to increase driver awareness, competence and confidence.


HGV drivers can complete the course at their own pace and the course is offered in over 100 languages.

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