Top 6 Cybersecurity Trends to Watch Out For in 2023

- Rise of automotive hacking
- Potential of artificial intelligence
- Mobile is the new target
- Data breaches: prime target
- Targeted ransomware
- Insider threats

Rise of automotive hacking:

The use of wireless communication systems in modern vehicles has created a vulnerability that hackers can exploit. Automated software creates seamless connectivity for drivers, but it also leaves them vulnerable to attack from outside sources, or even from their own car, if they're using gizmos like microphones without proper cybersecurity measures taken into account. Problems are only expected to increase, with time, as more people rely heavily on automated driving technology, requiring stricter precautions against cyberattacks.

Potential of artificial intelligence:

Artificial intelligence has been debuted in all market segments and its combination with machine learning has brought changes to cyber security. AI is used for automated security systems, and natural language processing that can identify threats by analysing faces or automatic detection of dangerous files on any storage device, whether they're cloud services like Dropbox or Google Docs. Conversely, AI can also be a threat and used to power cyber attacks.

Mobile is the new target:

Mobile banking has been around for some time now, but the continual increase in cyber threats means we have a 50% higher chance than before of being hacked on our phones or laptops. There are increasing cases where people suffer from malware infections because they store sensitive data like photos and messages on their phone, too, without thinking twice about their security! In 2023, we can expect smartphone viruses to blow up just as much - maybe even MORE - than desktop ones did last year. 

Data breaches: prime target:

The need for data protection has never been greater. With new strict measures like GDPR and CCPA being enforced, companies are more aware of their responsibility to protect customer's personal information from potential vulnerabilities.

From May 25th 2018 onwards , individuals living within the European Union (EU) can take advantage under one set law when dealing with online privacy breaches or Gaps Of Data breaches.

Targeted ransomware:

The Wanna Cry ransomware attack  is a recent example of targeted attacks becoming more common. In this case, instead of asking for money from victims all over the world (as was once possible), these criminals only targeted industries which rely heavily on specific software to run their daily activities—such as hospitals and other health care providers across Scotland's NHS network.

Insider threats:

While human error is one of the primary reasons for a data breach, intentional loopholes can bring down an entire organisation with millions of pounds worth of stolen information. Verizon reports that 34 percent (or nearly two thirds) of total attacks were committed by employees; so make sure you create more awareness within your company to safeguard against cyber-theft at every turn.

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