The Insurance Museum

The Insurance Museum

Did you know there is an insurance museum? It’s in Fenchurch Street, in London, and is a registered charity.

The museum aims to be a forum of education to engage people in the story of insurance and seeks to promote careers, research, continuing professional development, heritage and culture within the industry.
From insurances’ humble but innovative beginnings in Ancient China - where traders shared risks across many boats - to the establishment of fire insurance companies following the Great Fire of London, in 1666, and the rise of insurance during the Industrial Revolution, insurance has long been a mainstay of the UK’s economic prosperity.
The long-term goal of the Insurance Museum is to establish a world class visitor and research centre in the City of London, to exhibit their collections, tell past stories and demonstrate the role of insurance in managing risk and developing innovation, whilst looking to the future and its challenges.
The museum houses a growing collection of insurance heritage objects and archives – there is a featured ‘Object of the Month’ – and is a useful and entertaining resource for curious public, members of the insurance sector, researchers, young people and potential recruits into the industry.
On the website,, the museum has interesting Insurance History Features, and is currently running an online exhibition called ‘Fire! Risk and Revelations’, showcasing 250 years of the insurance fire brigades and exploring the story of fire insurance.
The museum also has a newsletter, and has launched the IM Membership scheme, offering exclusive access to features, online talks and discussions, and podcasts.
The Insurance Museum welcomes donations - and volunteers - and is currently looking for support with administration, bookkeeping, membership, research, talks and tours.

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