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Apprenticeships are rightly viewed as an achievable way of entering a career without having to go to university or college. With an apprenticeship, you can work your way up within a company, learning and growing, while you earn a consistently good wage. Many apprentices say that by time their friends leave university, they already have a career and are taking home a good salary.
At Ascend, our apprentices, past and present, are great advocates for The Ascend Academy, and more than happy to shout about how starting in the insurance industry on one of our apprenticeships has benefited their careers!

Here are testimonials from some of our Ascend apprentices:

“The apprenticeship at Ascend has really developed my interpersonal and professional skills. All the tutors at the apprenticeship provider are so helpful and always available to contact. My colleagues are always willing to explain things to me that I don’t yet understand, and my line manager constantly checks in with me to ensure I am happy and asks if I need any additional support.” – Reece (new apprentice)
“The apprenticeship gave me a good insight into what insurance has to offer and has enabled me to develop the skills and knowledge that I use on a daily basis. I believe that becoming CII qualified has benefited me massively and I would encourage anyone else looking to become qualified to do so.” – Eddie, former apprentice.
“Reflecting on my time, I am glad I chose to come to Ascend as an apprentice. The guidance and support provided during my time in the programme were second to none and I had the privilege of working on several different projects that contributed to my growth, such as sales pipelines, website & social media work, as well as document configuration. The mentorship I received played a crucial role in shaping my understanding of the industry, and the experience shared has been invaluable in developing my skills. Constructive feedback kept me on track and empowered me to tackle complex tasks with confidence.
The opportunity to continuously learn within the apprenticeship programme was a highlight for me. The diverse range of learning opportunities, from planned workshops to hands-on projects within the company, really made a difference. These opportunities really deepened my understanding of the field and equipped me with practical skills that I now apply in my current role.
I’m massively thankful for the opportunity of career advancement within the company. It is a great testament to the effectiveness of the apprenticeship programme in preparing individuals for leadership roles that, since the apprenticeship, I have progressed into the role of Operations Manager. The programme not only enhanced my technical skills but also instilled in me the importance of effective communication and teamwork - skills that are vital in a managerial position.
Finally, the supportive and inclusive culture at Ascend was instrumental in my development. Working alongside experienced professionals who were always willing to share their knowledge and make time for me made the learning process a whole lot more enjoyable.” – Mackenzie, former apprentice.

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