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Social media in the transportation and logistics industry

Social media in the transportation and logistics industry


In the logistics and transportation industry, social media is used as a tool for business only. There aren’t many interactions with customers. Some companies are unaware of the parameter of social media comments about services or even the system. Social media tools might pose helpful information for the carrier, logistics manager and their management; the challenge lies in how companies handle the reviews and collect information to provide valuable data. Below are some of the advantages of social media to logistics companies:


1) Faster updates for shipment schedules; an increase in the tracking and visibility of your supply chain.

2) Information about accidents, traffic jams etc. in order to re-route deliveries.

3) Information about weather conditions and other natural aspects that might affect your shipment or deliveries.

4) Learn more about the latest trends and other valuable insights from customers and leaders of industry.

5) Share or obtain data for risk identification, and reveal the dangers in your supply chain.

6) Search and collect innovative ideas from different points of view to further improve your business offers.

7) Reach out to new employees, customers, business partners and opportunities.

8) Increase your relationship with your business partners and your customers. Social media provides your company reviews and feedback from customers to improve your service.

Each business’s goal is to make a profit. From the supply chain perspective, this goal can be achieved through increased efficiency, improved customer satisfaction and minimised operational costs. Social media can contribute to this.


Using social media in this industry could also help to:

- Find new leads

- Improve brand image

- Increase visibility

- Create relationships with customers and partners


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