Riots, are you covered?

Commotion gripping the USA has left many around the world wondering if their business is covered in the event of riots and civil disturbance.

Are your vehicles covered?

Vehicles are typically covered by a standard comprehensive insurance policy, providing payment for damages to the vehicle and its contents caused by fire or vandalism. Comprehensive cover will also reimburse you if your windscreen is broken. View our page on transportation and logistics insurance here.

Shortfall in insurance payments.

Policies will base payments on the value of a vehicle. If your vehicle has outstanding finance, then there may be a shortfall. This is where a GAP policy may be essential as it will settle any shortfall in settlements.

Find out why GAP insurance is so important.

Buildings and property.

Household policies will cover damage to the property caused by fire, vandalism or malicious damage e.g. damage caused in riots. This would include coverage to the structure of the home, as well as possessions that have been damaged within the home at the time..

Please check that your home insurance provides cover for additional living expenses. This covers any payment that you may incur while away from the property, such as hotel expenses. Rioting and vandalism are usually covered under virtually all business owners. Damage to fixtures and other items that are part of a building will likely be covered in the policy.

View our page for property owners insurance here.

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