Rebuild Assessment

Rebuild Assessment

Rebuild Assessment

Every year, over 70% of properties are underinsured.

This means there is a strong chance that your property is not insured for the right amount. The implications of this can be extremely costly, sometimes so costly that you could lose your entire business! There are all kinds of reasons why your building may not be covered for the correct amount. For example, many property owners insure for the “market value” of their property, but that is incorrect. Properties should always be insured for the actual cost to rebuild.

So what can you do?

The simple solution is to insure for the correct amount. Normally, this involves finding a trusted expert who visits your property to complete a professional assessment. This can be both time-consuming and highly expensive. We can offer a unique low-cost online service. For just £160.00 (including VAT), we will  provide you with a comprehensive Rebuild Cost Assessment (RCA) report  from a qualified RICS surveyor, without ever having to visit your premises.

Why it’s really important to insure your building for the right amount

Buildings should always be insured for the amount it would cost to rebuild them. However, fewer than one in ten properties in the UK are insured for the right amount.
This means it is highly likely you are either paying too much for your cover or, even worse, that you’re facing a significantly reduced payout in the event of a claim! Insurance claims can be reduced by hundreds of thousands of pounds due to underinsurance.

From £160 including VAT


  • Specialist qualified rebuild cost consultants
  • Risk rebuild report
  • Offering site surveys and desktop surveys for commercial and residential risks
  •, ISO 27001 (BSI), FSQS (certification) and a CIOB Chartered Building Consultancy.
  • Working with owners, property managers or managing agents

79% of UK properties are underinsured. This can severely reduce the amount paid out following a property damage claim.

14% of UK properties are overinsured. If this is you, you’re paying more than you need to for your insurance. 

We find that on average, underinsured buildings are covered for just 69% of the amount they should be. 

While overinsured buildings are on average covered for 121% of the correct amount.

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