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Reasons to Consider Private Healthcare Cover

Is it time to have a conversation about private medical cover?
We all recognise that the NHS provides vital services, but few would argue that it’s not currently under enormous pressure. Private medical care is increasingly becoming an option for many people, providing them with the services they require, quickly and easily, and easing the strain on the NHS.
Here’s why it might be the right time to sign up for private medical cover:

1. A complement to NHS services

Private medical cover can complement what’s offered by the NHS by providing quicker access to consultations, diagnostics and treatments. Reduced waiting times for non-emergency procedures, online private GP appointments and fast diagnoses can be a real boon when you have a health issue you are concerned about.

2. Expedited specialist care

Private medical cover often grants access to a network of specialists and consultants, and expedited appointments with consultations who are leading experts in their field can make a real difference to your care.

3. Increased choice and control

Private medical cover empowers you with greater choice and control. You can select your preferred consultants, hospitals and treatment options based on your unique needs and preferences, particularly important if you seek treatment from a specific doctor or wish to receive care at a particular hospital.

4. Enhanced privacy and comfort

Private medical cover often includes access to private hospital rooms and facilities, providing a more comfortable and discreet environment for treatment and recovery.

5. Peace of mind for the whole family

Knowing that you and your loved ones can receive prompt and high-quality medical care when needed can alleviate anxiety and stress and contribute to overall well-being.

6. Access to advanced treatments and technologies

Private healthcare facilities frequently offer access to cutting-edge medical treatments, technologies and medications that may not be readily available within the NHS. This can be especially advantageous for patients with complex or rare conditions.

7. Additional services and extras

Private healthcare may offer additional services beyond medical treatment, such as physiotherapy, mental health support, alternative therapies and wellness programmes.

8. Tax efficiency and additional benefits

Employers who offer private healthcare as part of their employee benefits package, providing staff and their families with access to high-quality medical care without the need to navigate the NHS, may find private medical cover offers tax benefits or employer incentives that make it a financially savvy investment.
Health and wellbeing have understandably become more of a focus for many people, especially since the pandemic, so now may be the right time to sign up for private healthcare. At Ascend Health, our experts can guide you to the right policy for you and your family – or your business.

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