Protect Your Plant in The Heat

With the UK seeing nearly unprecedented days of consistently hot and sunny weather, it seems that plant and other equipment has started suffering in the heat.

We’ve seen a number of claims recently that have come from engines in plant catching fire on construction sites. We know you understand about maintaining your plant and keeping them running well, it just might be worth taking a bit of extra care during the extreme heat. For some extra help, following the below could help avoid fires at work. • Ensure engines are topped up with coolant • Ensure oil and hydraulic lines are chafe free, serviced and in good condition • Remind employees to be careful with cigarettes and matches in designated smoking areas on site • Check fire extinguishers (on those which can be tested without needing refilling) and ensure workers know how they operate and where they’re situated. WHAT TO DO IF A FIRE BREAKS OUT: • Get to a safe place – further away than you think necessary as fires can move quickly and in unpredictable ways. • Call the fire and rescue service without delay. Commentary and guidance information in this article are provided for information purposes only and aren’t intended to amount to advice on which reliance should be placed. Source: Allianz Insurance plc For any advice please contact us on 01245 449060

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