What Ascend’s Private Hire insurance covers and the optional extras you can add to your policy.


What Ascend's Private Hire insurance covers and the optional extras you can add to your policy

At Ascend Broking, we believe that insurance should be simple. Nobody should have to read through pages and pages of insurance jargon to understand the cover they have in place. 

In this post, we’ll look into what your Private Hire Insurance with Ascend covers you for, so that you can get the most out of the protection you have in place.

Social, Domestic & Pleasure

Whether you have Flexible, 30-day or Annual Private Hire Insurance with Ascend, you’ll always have protection in place for your personal driving. This is called Social, Domestic & Pleasure (SD&P) cover, and it protects you for things like driving to the shops or visiting a friend.

Private Hire work

When you apply to work as a private hire driver, you need additional protection on top of your SD&P insurance. Your Private Hire cover is the part of your insurance that protects you for carrying passengers in exchange for payment. Again, it’s included in all of our Private Hire insurance policies.

Delivery work

A great feature of Ascend’s Private Hire Insurance options is that we also cover you for carrying parcels or food in exchange for payment. We believe that you should have the freedom to work flexibly, so our Private Hire insurance includes additional protection for delivery work. The best part? It’s included without any extra cost!

You should always make sure that the district that issued your Private Hire license are happy for you to carry out delivery work. It’s worth noting that some councils may have restrictions in place.

Public Liability insurance

Public Liability Insurance offers you protection in the event that a member of the public suffers an injury or property damage as a result of a non-motor incident. For example, if a passenger falls over as they are getting out of your vehicle and makes a claim, your Public Liability insurance covers the costs.

What else is covered?

The amount of protection you have in place depends on your chosen level of insurance cover. We offer you the choice of Fully Comprehensive, Third Party, Fire & Theft and Third Party Only cover, so you can get the protection you need to feel safe.

What else can I add to my policy?

At Ascend Broking, we offer a great range of optional extras for you to choose from, so you can get cover for the things that matter to you. We offer optional extras such as Breakdown Cover, NCD Protection and Legal Expenses Insurance, so you can customise your policy to suit your needs.

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