Paul “Benno” Bennett at the National Over 70’s England Trials

Paul “Benno” Bennett at the National Over 70’s England Trials

We are thrilled to announce that Paul "Benno" Bennett, a prominent member of Ascend, is set to compete in the National Over 70's England Trials on April 6th, 2023. Bennett's passion for football has not faded over the years. He continues to play over 45's vet football at a remarkably high level. What makes Bennett's journey unique is his rich history in the sport. He started his football career at a young age, playing for West Ham. He was then chosen as one of the founding players for the professional Australian National Football League 50 years ago. Bennett played for Tricolore in Perth before returning to play for various semi-professional teams, where he has continued to leave his mark on the field. As an integral player for Ascend's 5-aside team, Bennett's impact has been significant. His tenacity and experience make him the team's lynchpin, providing them with a wealth of knowledge and skill that has been critical to their success. Bennett's love of football, despite his age, is a testament to the fact that the sport knows no bounds. His commitment to playing football has been unwavering, and his dedication to the game serves as an inspiration to many. We wish him the very best of luck at the upcoming trials and are excited to see him compete at such a high level once again. England Over 70 | Facebook

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