Personal Accident Travel Insurance

What is Personal Accident Travel Insurance?

Personal Accident cover isn’t exactly what it seems like. In the event that you have a mishap and fall over and break your wrist, that is covered under typical Medical Expenses.

Individual Accident is fundamentally: Loss of sight, loss of appendage or perpetual disablement.

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Why are individuals so vulnerable?

  • Employees are increasingly likely to sue
  • Legal liability is shifting  towards personal liability
  • Regulators are now more proactive in investigating companies
If a director or officer is perceived to have failed in any of their duties, then a claim could come from any number of third party sources

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Are you a Director, Officer or Manager?

How would you fund the legal costs and awards made against you?

Why does your company need directors and officers insurance? 

Because you can face frivolous and occasionally malicious claims made by disgruntled customers who weren’t happy about the service they received, all the way through to official investigations.

Claims and proceedings where personal liability can be involved also typically include:

  • Investors and shareholders who blame directors personally for losses
  • Actions brought by liquidators, where they suspect wrongful trading 
  • HSE investigations where negligence is suspected
  • Police and SFO investigations where fraud is suspected
  • Actions brought by shareholders, creditors & regulatory bodies
  • Claims by employees, auditors, liquidators, customers and suppliers
  • Claims by HMRC where insolvent trading or misappropriation of tax payments is suspected

Why Ascend for your PA Travel Insurance?

At Ascend we are constantly looking to improve our offering to our commercial clients. You will  have likely considered cover for personal accident and whilst you are travelling for business, however have you ever thought about the level of cover that is provided by a standard policy and whether this can be improved?

Ascend are able to provide specialist programmes for your PA & Travel policies, and cover can consist of the following:


  • Medical and Emergency Travel Expenses, Rescue and Assistance
  • Legal Expenses – up to £50,000 to pursue compensation claims against third parties who have caused the insured injury
  • Personal Liability – up to £5 million settlement of costs or damages if the insured is sued for causing injury or damage
  • Personal Property – as selected
  • Money – as selected
  • Cancellation, Curtailment, Travel Disruption, Replacement & Travel Delay
  • Vehicle Rental Cover – up to £1,000
  • Hijack – £25,000
  • Kidnap, Kidnap for Ransom, or Hostage – £250,000 for any one event
  • Political Evacuation – £50,000 for any one event
  • Natural Disaster Evacuation – £50,000 for any one event
  • Crisis Containment Management – £50,000 towards crisis consultants to help handle negative media coverage


Personal Accident

  • Death
  • Loss of Limbs
  • Loss of Eyes, Speech and Hearing
  • Permanent Disability
  • Temporary Disability
  • Personal Accident Support:

– AIG recovery support programme helps people get back to work

– AIG pay up to £15,000 for re-training for a different role if necessary

– Prosthesis cover for the additional costs of providing prostheses

– Lifesaver benefit payable to a person who is injured trying to save the life of an insured person

– Cosmetic surgery costs for cosmetic reconstructive treatment

  • Claims concierge service – no need for claims forms with our Baggage and Money claims telephone service. They aim to settle claims within 15 minutes
  • An e-learning security and situation awareness programme, exclusive to AIG that helps employers to comply with their duty of care to employees who travel on business. It’s simple to access and use and provides practical advice about personal security, preparation and arrival, travel health risks, getting around, street crime and robbery, terrorism and unrest
  • Free service for all employees / families to access a medical second opinion and/or a GP consultation (not related to cover under the medical expenses section of the policy)
  • Liaison with an employee’s airline to rearrange their flight if they are delayed en route to the airport
  • SMS security text message support service for all travellers
  • Travel support and document storage service
  • New Business Travel App
  • Leisure travel cover for Directors & their families is automatically covered (family members can also travel without being accompanied by the Director) – Details are in the attached wording, not on the schedule
  • Incidental leisure travel cover for Employees and accompanying partner/children on a business trip
  • Nil excess on Personal Effects and Money sections
  • Wide trip definition (includes full cover for UK trips without a need for an overnight stay or an internal flight)
  • Automatic corporate events extension
  • Additional Quadriplegia / Paraplegia benefits
  • Free Kidnap & ransom cover
  • Free Crisis containment cover
  • Numerous additional benefits such as the Health Portal and Second Opinion for family, visitors and to support an injured employee
  • No upper age limit on medical expenses cover
  • Full war & terrorism cover

This is a new service for our Lifeline Plus clients that we launched at the end of last year. As well as a Second Opinion Service we also have the GP consultation service. This allows insured persons and their partner and children to remotely access a UK GP at their convenience. The access can be by phone or through the app with live interaction with a GP.


The GP is able to issue prescriptions and will update your own GP. It is a 24/7 service and there is no claim required under the policy to access  the service. It will not affect the Insured’s claims experience as usage is not reported to AIG. Suffice to say the benefit is more relevant to UK based employees


If you have any queries on our Personal Accident & Travel offering or any other insurance matter, please don’t hesitate to give one of the team a call on 01245 449060.

We provide an exclusive legal service under our Management Liability Policy with access to a specialist litigation and commercial law firm that specialises not only in the management of legal crises, but also in the education and prevention of them in the first place.

  • Support against all regulators including:- Information Commissioners Office (ICO),
    – Health and Safety Executive (HSE),
    – Charity Commission
    – HMRC,
    – Food Standard Agency (FSA),
    – Trading Standards,
    – Local Authorities,
    – DEFRA.
  • Regulatory investigations
  • Regulatory prosecutions
  • Breaches of contract
  • Fees for intervention
  • Employment tribunal and ACAS claims
  • Defence for the organisation itself
  •  £100,000 data protection breach
  • Customer/supplier contact cover
  • Employee theft cover
  • Deprivation of assets
  • Employment civil fines
  • Pollution clean up cost cover
  • Third party electronic funds transfer cover
  • Loss of directors’ time
  • Brand damage
  • Employee engagement impact
  • 24/7 out of hours crisis line
  • Stress and worry for directors & managers
  • Defence against employment tribunal claims
  • £25,000 pursuit cover for contract disputes and debt recovery
  • Legal defence for directors, trusteees, partners and officers
  • Negative social media crisis and public relations costs
  • Circumstance investigation/mitigation costs
  • 24 hours, 7 days a week crisis line straight to a solicitor at no additional cost
  • Legal advice line Mon-Fri 8am-6pm
  • Legally privileged advice, support & representation
  • Downloadable legal & regulatory advice, support guides, letters & templates
  • Access to our digital tools via exclusive portal

Typical Claims

Relaxing on a beach in Alicante, our customer started to suffer from breathing difficulties.

She was quickly admitted to a local hospital where she received treatment.

The client was diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) triggered by the humid weather.

Her Travel Insurance paid the medical bills and covered the cost of bringing her back to the UK accompanied by a medical professional.

Can you believe losing your passport would end up costing more than £1,000?

One of our customers was sightseeing in San Francisco, USA and took a trip to the iconic Golden Gate Bridge.

A gust of wind blew his hat off his head and as he pulled his hand out of his pocket to grab his hat out flew his passport which disappeared over the side of the bridge.

He reported the incident to the claims helpline and a new passport was arranged for him, although the new document did not arrive in time for his departure. Fortunately he had taken out Travel Insurance which covered the costs for a new passport, additional accommodation and to rearrange his flight home.

Total claim cost: £1,386.66

Another customer slipped in the bathroom at their own accommodation in Tenerife and fractured & dislocated their ankle.

The customer needed surgery and had an external fixator applied – they also needed two extra seats with wheel chair assistance at both airports.

This was all organised by the insurer, as well as ambulance transfers to and from each airport, so that there was no further risk to their injuries.

Total cost of claim: £10,454.84

Another would-be holidaymaker was due to jet off for a 10-day break to Spain with her husband when she had sudden abdominal pain. After visiting her GP she was referred to the local hospital where she was advised that her gall bladder needed to be removed. Unfortunately this meant that she would no longer be able to travel to Spain.

She had declared her previous gall stone flare up on her Travel Insurance policy which meant that she was covered for cancellation.

The money that the couple had paid for their holiday was refunded by her Travel Insurance.

Total claim cost: £1,069.50

Frequently Asked Questions

Personal Accident cover isn’t exactly what it seems like. In the event that you have a mishap and fall over and break your wrist, that is covered under typical Medical Expenses. Individual Accident is fundamentally: Loss of sight, loss of appendage or perpetual disablement.

On the off chance that you have a mishap on vacation you are concealed for to a year after your outing in the UK. You can guarantee inside this period if the mishap has straightforwardly caused your physical issue, disablement or passing.

You’ll have to announce all current ailments when purchasing travel protection. In case you’re uncertain about whether to announce, don’t accept that it’s covered, consistently ask your protection supplier, else you hazard any case you need to make being dismissed.

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