Our Why…

This year, we want to support another local charity that focuses on children and families in the local community. Having read what Kids Inspire are doing, we jumped at the chance to make them our charity of the year! Three of our team have decided to take up the challenge to cycle from London to Paris in three days (London to Dieppe 60 miles, Dieppe to Beauvais 73 miles and, finally, Beauvais to Paris 70 miles). The challenge is quite something, with two out of the three of us needing to borrow bikes (!) and learn how to use cycling cleats for the first time. We have set a target of £10,000, to really provide the charity with some financial backing so its impact can be felt in our community. Day One - London to Dieppe Day Two - Dieppe to Beauvais Day Three - Beauvais to Paris Day Four – Travel back to London (optional as can stay longer)

Stuart’s why…

As I grew up, my family were heavily involved in a community church and my sister was a youth worker, spending day-to-day activities working with children and families in the community. When volunteers were running low, I offered to assist, helping at youth groups with members only a few years younger than myself. I was able to get along with the attendees and began to learn what they were facing in school and at home. A lot of the time they were just looking for someone to talk to.

Max’s why…

I want to take part in this charity event because I love getting stuck into all the charity events which take place throughout the year, particularly those that are physically challenging. Previous events I have taken part in are a skydive & mud run. Bring on many more in the future!

Eddie’s why…

I always like a challenge, and this is a challenge which will do some good! Even without currently owning a bike, I am prepared to take this on. I have also taken on a charity skydive and a mud run to support our local charities, so I am prepared for anything that comes my way. Some of the children helped by Kids Inspire engage in self-harm and risky behaviours such as alcohol/drug abuse and, without positive intervention, face abusive relationships, educational exclusion and social isolation. When reading about Kids Inspire, I found out this was exactly why they had been founded; children were not receiving the aid they needed until they had gone over the line and committed a crime, or there was another clear sign intervention was needed. Kids Inspire are proactive in helping children and young adults, from those needing a brief consultation or early intervention, to complex cases and severe trauma recovery.

Some of the referrals they cater for are:

  • Experienced sudden extreme trauma
  • Feeling overwhelmed by negative feelings and a lack of coping strategies
  • Difficulty to self-regulate and make positive choices
  • Struggling with arguments and communication within the family
  • Social isolation and lacking a sense of belonging/support network


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