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An update on Stuart’s progress for the London Marathon and his fundraising for Havens Hospices

Ascend’s Stuart Running the London Marathon for Havens Hospices – Training Update! Stuart Belbin, Senior Account Executive at Ascend, continues to gear up to participate in this year's London Marathon in support of Havens Hospices, one of Ascend's designated Charities of the Year. Havens Hospices, based in Essex, offers vital specialist care and assistance to individuals of all ages living with incurable conditions, along with their families. Through their hospices catering to both adults and children, as well as their extensive community care initiatives, Havens goes the extra mile to ensure that each and every day is meaningful. Havens has a Wellbeing Team that offers carers’ support, counselling for adults and children, life-enhancing therapies – including creative art and complementary - spiritual advice and support, and bereavement groups for adults and children. Stuart will lace up his running shoes and take part in the London Marathon on Sunday, April 21, 2024, aiming to generate much-needed donations for this exceptional charity. Stuart has given us an update on his training:  
  1. How is the training going? How often are you going running, and what distances?
Training is going really well, now! I hit my biggest run to date - 20 miles! I’ve now entered my taper weeks, which is where you reduce distance and intensity to recover, ahead of the marathon next weekend, as well as drastically increasing my carbohydrate intake. I’ve done a number of 10kms since you last spoke to me, a 20km and also the 20-mile run.  
  1. Have you hit any particular challenges?
The actual discipline to go out for a run is the hardest part, as well as learning not to run as quickly as I can, to save up as much energy as possible for later on! Learning to leave my ego at the door sums up my biggest challenge!  
  1. What is more difficult/easier since you started training?
I really struggled to break the half marathon mark, getting in my head a lot, and telling myself I couldn’t go further. I learnt how to keep my heart rate down which allows me to run for longer.  
  1. Has the training become easier now mornings and evenings are lighter?
Going out for a run has, all of a sudden, become very enjoyable now it’s lighter and warmer! I try to run out in the countryside as much as possible, which is difficult in winter, but the scenery makes it a lot easier when you’re struggling. Not having to worry about routes with streetlights is a dream!  
  1. Has your expected time to complete the marathon changed?
I was concerned I wouldn’t actually make it round, because I did start training late, but now I’m in a place where I’ll be aiming for between 4:30 and 4:45, but if I don’t achieve that, I just want to get round!  
  1. Have you been training alone or with a buddy?
Yes, I’ve been running with a couple of friends over the shorter distances, up to a half marathon. It’s really helped me as there’s accountability involved. The talking has to stop, at times, though - I didn’t realise how much energy it used up!  
  1. Do you have a ‘running soundtrack’ i.e. music you listen to while you run?
I use the Spotify DJ setting, so I have a whole host of tracks that I don’t set, lots of Tom Odell, Lumineers, Nothing but Thieves, 80s and the Cinematic Orchestra!  
  1. Are you getting nervous?!
Yes, the nerves are real now. Now that I know I can do it, it’s becoming very real indeed. I saw a quote, though, that the marathon is just a celebration of all your training, and that part excites me!  
  1. Can you tell us again why running for Havens means so much to you?
Havens Hospices provides care for those when there is no cure, whilst also making sure every moment is memorable. Their services include Little Havens, who care for children and young people up to the age of 18, and their families, as well as providing care for adults. Having met people who have used the services of Havens, as well as speaking with their CEO, I have heard, first-hand, how passionate they are about their mission.  
  1. How much money have you raised so far, and can you please remind everyone how they can sponsor you?
I have raised £926.00, so far, but I anticipate a lot of donations will come in post-marathon! To sponsor me, please click the link HERE. I hope as many people as possible join me in supporting Havens Hospices by donating whatever they can – every penny really does count!

AIt's not the first time Stuart has undertaken a huge endurance event for charity, see how our team cycled from London to Paris here! | Office: 01245 449060

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