Managing Your Exposures – Sport & Leisure Industry

Managing Your Exposures - Sport & Leisure Industry

Some risks are common to all in the sector property and casualty exposures for risks such as fire, flood or slips & trips – liability. Also, Business Interruption is a big consideration for those with a reliance on a specific location – for example a Hotel or Leisure Centre.

Business Description

It is essential to ensure your insurer is aware of your full activities that may occur in addition to your core everyday activities. You may be running one-off events, such as weddings, conferences, and firework displays. It may only be a day or even just an evening but this must be disclosed to ensure your business is covered.

Slips & Trips

Bars are common in many hotels and sports venues, but the combination of glass, spilt liquids, and alcohol can create hazards for employees and guests.

Regular risk assessments, coupled with proactive housekeeping, can help to keep these venues safe and ensure that all users of the venue enjoy injury-free visits.

Training for staff

Staff turnover can be high in this sector and training must be provided so employees understand the risks and don’t injure themselves or the guests. It’s also essential that this is recorded to show the training took place.

Consider if you are obliged to provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). If so ask that your employee signs a record to show they have been given it and that they understand why it is required.

Think about employing the services on a Health & Safety consultant to ensure you are covering all the rights exposures in your business. This will ensure that in the event of a claim, you can demonstrate you did all you can to prevent the accident or illness happening.

Swimming Pools, Jacuzzis & Treatments

Providing sports facilities such as a gym or swimming pool requires good risk management.

Consider your obligations to provide a suitably trained member of staff to supervise and/or providing guidance to guests before using the facilities.

Keep a log of when equipment and facilities are cleaned and maintained.


Even something as relaxing as a spa can cause issues, there is an increased liability risk from the treatments provided, but even the oils used can impregnate bathrobes and towels, increasing fire risk.

So it is advised to have a plan in place to where used towels and bathrobes are temporarily stored until they are sent for cleaning.

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