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MAKING THE MOST OF ONLINE OPPORTUNITY Fundraising encourages charities to be creative and stand out for all the right reasons. A change in public preferences alongside advances in digital capability have pave the way for many new fundraising opportunities. With technology enabling the success of many non-traditional fundraising ideas, we have put together a list of some opportunities your charity clients might benefit from.

Use out Free Advice Service if you have any queries Here are five ways to boost funds using the web. 1. Amazon Smile All UK charities have been invited to sign up to Amazon’s affiliate marketing service. allows Amazon customers to opt to donate to their chosen charity when they make an eligible purchase on Amazon. They will experience the same shopping experience, they will pay no more than usual but Amazon will donate 0.5% of the net purchase price to charity. All charities have to do is sign up. All customers have to do is select the charity in their account options and use the smile URL when placing an order. 2. Google Ad Grants If they use Google AdWords, charities can apply for a Google Ad Grant. In Google’s words they can “share your cause with the world”. It provides charities with a significant monthly ad spend and can be used to recruit more volunteers or attract more donations. The charity must be eligible and fill out the application form. 3. Transform Foundation website grants Transform Foundation gives grants to charities to support the build of a new website. They seek to support charities that, through increased website functionality, will be able to make considerable strides towards meeting their charitable objectives. The charity will need to demonstrate that it has a robust strategy for the website and have clear measures to determine what success should look like. 4. Social media Social media can be a fantastic way to generate awareness, grow an audience and fundraise. It is not a tap that can be turned on, it takes time to build an audience, especially an engaged one. Social media requires sustained effort. The charity need to know what they want to achieve and have measures to indicate what success looks like. They will need a strategy and someone with the time to focus on implementing it. Skills Platform have created the Charity Social Media Toolkit which gives a whole host of useful information on topics from getting started, to growing your network. 5. Crowdfunding Crowdfunding is a great tactic if the charity wants to achieve a short-term funding project. There are now websites dedicated to not-for-profit groups and their causes. is a great example. Not only do they provide a platform purely for not-for-profit projects, they help users maximise their potential to raise funds. Their Academy includes case studies, videos and thousands of successful examples charities can learn from. Source: Ecclesiastical Insurance Group plc Contact US on 01245 449060 or speak to our Broking Director, Matt Price on 01245 449062 Alternatively, you could use our Industry Sector to work out what is best for your business  

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