Is it worth investing in driver and vehicle safety?


Investing in your drivers

By investing in driver and vehicle safety you can save 78% in damage costs and 7% in fuel, according to Driving for Better Business figures. Who wouldn't want that?

But there is no doubt it'll cost you to invest into Driving for Work schemes, so you may be thinking -  is it worth it?

From looking at statistics, I would suggest it's worth the investment as, in the UK, around every third crash involves someone who is at work - so there's a high risk your employees could be involved.

What can you do to lower your risk of accidents whilst working?

Telematics - Apps such as Brightmile are great ways to help lower your risk of accidents involving your drivers. They can track things such as speeding, fatigue, risks and distractions. At Ascend we have a great network of telematics we can use to help you in the long run.

Training initiatives - Different training plans can be made to help your drivers gain skills so that they can cope in different circumstances, hopefully resulting in less accidents in future.

So, to answer the original question, I absolutely believe it is worth investing in your vehicle use regime. However, that investment will be intangible and of little value if it's not supported with evidence, data and regular reviews.

There are numerous technologies, systems and supports out there to help you through the process. Pick the ones that suit you best and take the next step forward!


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