Increased risks from current haulage shortages


Increased risks from current haulage shortages

Storage and distribution of raw materials and goods throughout the UK is the lifeline of business from manufacturing, hospitality, through to retail. The combination of Brexit and Covid-19 is impacting the supply chain and distribution channels, restricting both the movement of goods and people.

This will affect:

- availability of goods.

- disruption to lead times.

- required buffer stock levels.

- availability and shortage of staff.

- shortage of lorry drivers, forklift truck drivers and
specialist vehicle drivers.

All businesses, including your suppliers, customers, partners or competitors, will be experiencing the same challenges, so adapting and planning to mitigate these is important to lessen the impact and maintain your customer base.

What do you need to do now?

- Review your current stock levels. Do you have sufficient buffer stock and/or raw materials to cater for uncertainty in supply? If not, estimate how long the stock levels can last whilst you put in place strategies to alleviate the challenges.

- If you’re in the retail or hospitality sectors, you should be planning now for your festive season requirements.

- Speak to your suppliers and distribution partners now to secure your critical stock.



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