banned from driving

How would losing your driving licence affect your life?

Losing your driving licence can have dramatic implications to your professional and personal life - that is why you should consider our Loss of Licence Defence insurance product that will pay for a specialist solicitor and legal fees when defending or challenging a motoring conviction.

This policy is ideal for anyone that: ❖ Drives for a living ❖ Has points on their licence ❖ Has a pending conviction ❖ Drives (high powered, vans, bikes) ❖ Is mainly a business user ❖ Is a young and inexperienced driver Driver Defence What will it do? ❖ Our Loss of Licence product pays for specialist legal fees when defending or challenging a motoring conviction ❖ It will provide a helpline for policy holders, for advice on ANY motoring offences and legal representation by specialist motor defence Solicitors What exactly does it cover? ❖ Up to £25,000 of cover to pay specialist motor defence legal fees ❖ Covers offences occurring anywhere in the United Kingdom, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man Road Halo Defence This product is inexpensive and can be added to your fleet renewal - to find out more contact one of our consultants today. motor legal expenses   01245 449 060      

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