How usage-based Fleet insurance works, it’s benefits and how to get a quote with Zego


How usage-based Fleet insurance works, it's benefits and how to get a quote with Zego

At Zego, our Fleet insurance is designed to offer you a premium that matches the actual usage of your vehicles, so you always get a fair premium that is in line with your risk. Unlike traditional Fleet Insurance, for which you pay a fixed cost, your premium will reflect any changes to how active your vehicles are.

In this post, we’ll take a look at how our usage-based Fleet insurance works, how some of Zego’s Fleet insurance customers saved up to 64% during the COVID-19 lockdown and how you can get started with your quote.

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Introducing usage-based Fleet insurance

When you set up a usage-based Fleet insurance policy with Zego, you pay a premium that depends on the actual usage of your vehicles. You’ll always pay a price based on how much cover you have actually used, so your premium can go up and down between months.

You pay a minimum base rate for your policy to make sure your vehicles are always covered, so you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re operating your fleet legally. Then, depending on how much your vehicles are used, which we can base on your fleet’s mileage, or how much time your vehicles spend on the road, you pay a flexible premium.

No matter how much your vehicles are used, your premium won’t exceed your pre-agreed monthly cap, so you always get fair and transparent pricing.

How can usage-based Fleet insurance save your fleet money?

When some of Zego’s customer’s fleet operations were cut back due to the lockdown restrictions, they saw their monthly insurance cost reduced by an average of 64%. Even on a smaller scale, many fleets experience changes in the usage of their vehicles over the course of a year. Usage-based insurance helps to ensure that your premium will always reflect positive or negative seasonal changes.

What are the other benefits of Zego’s cover?

We’ll give you access to your very own management portal, so you can add and remove vehicles from your policy with ease. We also offer you flexible payment options, with monthly invoicing and no minimum monthly fee.


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