How to prevent Legionnaires Disease following lockdown

Legionnaires disease is caused by a bacteria called Legionella. Legionella thrives in water systems in unoccupied buildings where the water has become stagnant. With many premises being unoccupied for months the risk of this disease is very high.


Here are some tips to prevent the disease in your building:


- Flush out cold and hot water every week to prevent stagnation

- Monitor the temperature of your water. Legionella grows quickest between 45 and 50 degrees Celsius.

- Use biocides. Many cooling towers use biocides to kill the bacteria. Contact your local water treatment company to find out more about the risks and benefits of biocides.

- Review your risk management. If you do not assess the risks of Legionella and take necessary precautions, then you may be liable if an employee contracts legionnaires disease.


If you have any queries regarding any risks when returning to work then please visit our Covid-19 FAQ’s or call us on 01245 449060.

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