Hazardous activity in engineering services

Fires are unfortunately all too common during maintenance and construction. Usually this is caused by inadequate control when using heat.

While hazards are often controlled, with recent lockdown procedures it may be a case that there is an increase in hazards in the workplace. For projects that ended abruptly there will be challenges on how to safely complete the project.

View our page on Risk Management here.

During periods of slow activity on site, it may become tempting to undertake separate tasks no matter how small they may be. These tasks however are less likely for proper risk assessments to be undertaken. It is imperative that risk assessments are carried out no matter how small the task is.

We encourage for proper risk assessments to be carried out before starting any project or task as if they are not you could be liable for any damage or injuries sustained during the task. If you are unsure on any issue you may have then please speak to us on 01245 449060.

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