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Transport insurance

All freight businesses need insurance to safeguard transportation and warehousing of goods

We can arrange freight liability that covers a one-off shipment or an annual policy covering all shipments with self-certificate policy issue.

Whether cargo is being moved or stored on behalf of a third party, our policies respond to a host of Contract Conditions under which you may operate , such as RHA, Logistics UK, BIFA, UKWA and others.

Whether you’re a client looking to insure a one-off shipment or a professional freight forwarder, we will be able to help. Meet our team here

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Who do we cover?

Road Carriers

Rail Carriers

Air and Sea

Third Party Logistics

As a freight forwarder, you undertake and organise the safe, efficient movement of goods on behalf of an exporter, importer or another company or person, using the best appropriate means of transport, for example shipping lines, airlines, hauliers and rail freight operators. Freight liability insurance is important to keep your business operational.

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