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CPC Requirements After Brexit: Here’s What You Need to Know

What you need to know about the new CPC requirements


As the deadline for Brexit approaches, commercial drivers need to ensure that their Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) qualifications are properly updated to avoid potential compliance issues on the road.


Specifically, the government recently released CPC requirements that lorry, bus and coach drivers must follow in preparation for Brexit. Failure to implement these standards could threaten your organisation’s ability to continue professional driving operations in both the UK and EU.


CPC for Lorry, Bus and Coach Drivers

All lorry, bus and coach drivers must have proper CPC qualifications to drive professionally in the UK and in some EU countries. If your organisation is a UK company, all UK drivers must complete CPC periodic training by a predetermined deadline. This UK driver CPC qualification allows drivers to operate in the UK and drive to EU countries for any journeys that UK companies are allowed to make after Brexit.


If your organisation is an EU company, drivers need to exchange their UK driver CPC qualifications for an EU alternative before 31st January 2020. Driver qualifications differ based on how the country you operate in recognises driver CPC.


Some countries:

- Offer a driver CPC card (like the UK), also known as a driver qualification card

- Add code 95 to driving licences

- Some countries accept both methods. For a list of countries that recognise driver CPC cards or add code 95 to driving licences, click here. The UK will also accept driver CPC cards from EU countries after Brexit.


Keep in mind that drivers must apply to the relevant organisation in the country where they live and work to exchange their driver CPC qualifications or add code 95 to their driving licence.

If any of your drivers do not live in the EU country that your organisation is located in, you may need to provide those drivers with a driver attestation certificate after 31st January 2020.


Additional Commercial Driver Requirements In addition to meeting CPC standards, UK commercial drivers and hauliers may need the following to drive professionally in the EU if a no-deal Brexit takes place:


- An International Driving Permit (IDP) in some countries (click here to see if your drivers need IDPs)

- A valid passport with at least six months left (click here to check a passport)

- A European Conference of Ministers of Transport (ECMT) permit for some journeys (click here to see if your drivers need ECMT permits

- A tachograph driver card

- A motor insurance green card(s) for the vehicle and for separate policies (eg insurance renewal)

- A GB sticker on the vehicle

- A vehicle log book

- Appropriate travel insurance with health care cover (European Health Insurance Cards may not be valid after a no-deal)


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