Don’t leave your phone in your vehicle during a heatwave

Throughout July Europe has seen some remarkable temperatures being recorded. Record breaking heats of almost 40 degrees Celsius across Europe has made this summer the hottest on record.

Despite the joys of ice-creams, beach days and swimming pools, there are also downsides. One van driver found this out the hard way. One van driver in Peterborough had left his phone in his van while discussing a job. The unfortunate driver then heard a pop and turned around to find black smoke and flames bellowing out of his van. Luckily the driver managed to quickly remove gas cylinders from the back of the van, and nobody was hurt. Once the flames had been put out, the fire services determined that the cause of the fire was due to the driver’s mobile phone exploding due to overheating. In the event that the hot weather continues we advise that you should not leave your phone or any electronic devices in the vehicle while it is unattended. Also, where possibly try to park in the shade or in a cool place. If you have any questions, then please contact us on 01245 449060.

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