Do you know why public liability is so important for your charity?


The importance of public liability for your charity

Public liability insurance is an important insurance cover requirement for all companies, so what is it and why do you need it? As an advice-based insurance broker, we thought we would share our knowledge with you on public liability insurance:


Public liability insurance explained:

Public liability insurance is an important cover requirement for all charities. All charities will have public liability cover on their policies, but do you understand why it is essential?

Whether you are operating charity shops, cafés, providing a service to vulnerable people, raising money for other charities, running activities in communities, or providing other services, then this type of insurance can protect you from insurance claims made against you by any third party.

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It is especially important for your customers that they know both you and they are protected by your charity insurance policy, should the unexpected happen.

Public liability insurance is there to protect you when a claim is made against you by one of your clients, or members of the public, following a financial loss or injury they have suffered as a result of your charity’s actions. Public liability insurance will, in most circumstances, cover you for the compensation payment owed to the third party and any other legal expenses incurred because of the claim.

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Sometimes things go wrong and accidents happen; even the most careful charities have things go unplanned or unexpected. With the right insurance policy for your charity, you can operate with peace of mind knowing that if the unexpected did happen with one of your service users, then their property could be repaired, their possessions replaced and their medical treatment paid for.


What does public liability cover:

In most cases, when speaking with your insurance broker you can tailor a policy to your specific charity’s requirements. As a rule of thumb, public liability insurance covers your legal liability if the need ever arises to pay compensation to members of the public for death and personal injury, or damage to their property, or general possessions, resulting from the activities your charity undertakes. However, of course, many charities carry out different operations with some posing a higher risk to third parties than others.


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