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Do you have HGV’s that go into London?

New rules regarding safety permits for vehicles over 12 tonne come into force in October 2020.

London has the highest number of cyclist v HGV accidents in the country, nearly twice the national average.

From October 2020 all vehicles (other than exemptions) over 12 tonne will need a safety permit to operate in London.

Firstly, each vehicle needs to comply with a DSV (Direct Vision Standard) star rating. From 2020 the minimum requirement is 1 star increasing to 3 star in 2024.

London haulage

The Principal requirement – direct vision.

The vehicle star rating requires all vehicles to obtain a star rating under the DVS system.Every vehicle must meet a minimum DVS star rating of one star, unless exempt from the scheme. This will ensure a minimum standard of a driver’s direct field of view and reduce the risk of close-proximity blind spot collisions.

In addition, vehicles will need to be fitted with Safe system equipment as follows, including:

»» Class V and VI mirrors

»» Sideguards

»» Camera monitoring system

»» Sensor system with driver alert

»» Left-turn audible alarm

»» Warning signage

We specialise in providing risk solutions for all aspects of the transport industry and utilise the latest technology.

Download HGV Safety Permit Guide & Contact Ascend

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