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Dazzling Trends – Designer Jewellery in 2024

The world of designer jewellery is currently experiencing a radiant era, elevated by a convergence of factors that include the continuing sway of social media influencers, economic shifts like inflation and a post-pandemic surge in luxury goods consumption. This golden age is marked by a plethora of coveted designer pieces, which not only adorn the runways but also hold significant value in the secondary market.

Trendspotting: what's shining bright

  • Boho necklaces
This year, the runway has seen an abundance of long, layered pendants from fashion powerhouses like Burberry and Chanel, and pendants from Tom Ford extending down to the stomach, all exuding a bohemian yet luxury vibe.
  • Large ear cuffs
Loewe and Givenchy have showcased extravagant ear cuffs that cover the entirety of the outer ear, bedecked in crystals, adding an ultra-luxe sparkle to any ensemble.
  • Pearls with a modern twist
Pearls, a timeless classic, have received a contemporary makeover in collections like Simone Rocha's Spring/Summer 2024 line. Chunky gold accents and innovative designs, such as pearl drops on medallion coin pendants, are redefining the elegance of pearls.
  • Statement cuffs
The current trend has shifted from delicate bracelets to bold statement cuffs, exemplified by Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta and Balmain, offering chunky head-turning pieces in gold, silver or pewter.
  • Ring bracelets
Parisian house Dior has introduced Rose Des Vents, a series of pieces including colourful rings connected to bracelets with delicate strands, blending elegance with versatility.
  • Art-inspired jewellery
Collaborations like Tiffany & Co.'s partnership with American artist Daniel Arsham and Pokémon, or luxury brand Venyx's capsule collection inspired by surrealist artist Man Ray, bring a fusion of art and adornment to appreciative wearers.
  • The return of the choker
Chokers, once a staple of '90s fashion, have made a comeback with a modern twist. No longer flimsy, these modern chokers are weighty and impactful, seen in collections from Dior and Louis Vuitton, adorned with precious gemstones or bold gold accents.

Coveted brands in the limelight

Three brands in particular continue to make a sparkling roll call, in 2024, with new collections drawing on the legacy of iconic past designs:
  • Van Cleef & Arpels
Renowned for its legendary designs like the ‘four leaf clover’ Alhambra collection, Van Cleef & Arpels maintains its allure with these pieces that symbolise luck and timeless elegance. The Alhambra bracelet, in particular, continues to be a sought-after item, which sells over-estimate at auction, and was the most Google-searched bracelet of 2023.
  • Cartier
The demand for Cartier remains high in 2024, with iconic pieces like Aldo Cipullo's original LOVE collection, and the timeless Trinity Collection celebrating its centenary. Cartier's offerings continue to command attention and value in both retail and secondary markets.
  • Boodles
With a rich heritage dating back to 1795, Boodles continues to captivate enthusiasts with collections like Raindance, which epitomises the brand's craftsmanship and design innovation. Limited-edition pieces from Boodles hold significant value and continue to appreciate over time.

Investing in timeless elegance

In a market driven by demand, popularity and inflation, finely crafted jewellery from esteemed houses retains and appreciates its value over time. While trends ebb and flow, pieces from luxury houses, especially those in pristine condition with original packaging, remain sought-after, and unique or rare pieces will always dazzle and delight.

Ensuring protection for your treasures

It’s crucial for clients to ensure adequate insurance coverage for their treasured pieces. For a thorough, informed valuation of your jewellery collection, don't hesitate to reach out to Ascend Executive, specialists in the protection of our clients’ luxury assets, on 01245 449060.

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