Cyber weaponisation of Covid-19

Cyber criminals have jumped on the lack of cyber protection that many businesses have in order to steal valuable information and scam many small and large businesses. One particular attack came against EasyJet, showing that not only small businesses are vulnerable to attack.

The Covid-19 pandemic is being used by cyber criminals for financial, political and espionage purposes. Malware, phishing, email compromise and social engineering are all being used more extensively than they have been against companies who have had employees working from home.

Despite awareness of the risks involved in using outdated infrastructure and insecure protocols, over 2/3rds of businesses were exposed to web server vulnerabilities. Of the web exposure threats identified, 72% related to vulnerable common web technologies.

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There has been a surge in remote working activity and subsequent reliance on related infrastructure as a result of COVID-19. When surveyed, 30% of companies analysed had remote access vulnerabilities, which could lead to account takeover attacks.

Phishing is still the most common attack vector and was found in approximately 57% of cyber investigations last quarter.

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