Customer Charter

Customer Service – Our Commitment to You

Our service

We are committed to providing you with a level of customer service that we can be proud of and that gives us the best possible chance of retaining you as our customer in the long term.

We work hard to ensure we value you as our customer and treat you fairly. We recognise that you have a choice of broker and are very grateful that you have chosen us to help you with your insurance needs. You can therefore be assured that we will put your interests first and provide you with a fair deal at all times.

Our advice

We are committed to ensuring that the advice, guidance and overall service we provide to you is complete, thorough, fit for purpose and transparent.

We continually review the insurers we recommend and the products they offer so we can be sure you receive the best cover with an insurer that is right for you.

We aim to always work in a fair, honest, transparent and professional way. Any information we give you (whether verbally or in writing) will be jargon-free and clear, fair and not misleading in any way. If you are unsure about any information we have provided to you, or feel you do not understand, please contact us for explanation and we will be happy to assist.

When we discuss your insurance with you, we will ask you questions about what you feel you need and require, which will help us to recommend the most suitable product to you. We will of course give you advice and help you to determine what cover is right for you, and if we cannot find a product that fully meets your needs, we will let you know.  We will also bring to your attention any exclusions, warranties and conditions attached to the product so you know what you may not be covered for, as well as what you are.

If, for whatever reason, you do not feel the product we have recommended to you is what you expected it to be, then please do let us know. We can then review your details and discuss this with you.

We will not advise you to take out additional products which are unsuitable for you or without your knowledge. If you feel that a policy is not for you, please do let us know so we can work together to find something that fits your requirements.

If you are unhappy

We hope that you feel very satisfied with the service we provide to you. However there may be a time when you feel we have not done so; with the product or service we have provided to you. If this happens, please do get in touch with us and we will work with you to put it right at the earliest opportunity and with minimum disruption.

You can contact us by mail, email or phone via the details below. Our office hours are Monday to Friday between 9:00am and 5:00pm.

Our postal address is 21 Springfield Lyons Approach, Chelmsford Business Park, Chelmsford, Essex, CM2 5LB

Client feedback is not gathered as a routine; our email address: our phone number: 01245 449060