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Control of Major Accident Hazardous Regulations – How the HSE prioritise site vists

This infographic explains how the HSE site visits are prioritised. Below are steps to help you stay compliant with the Control of Major Accident Hazards Regulations 2015 (COMAH) and keep you abreast of the Health & Safety Executive (HSE)’s approach to enforcement. 1.The HSE collects information about your site
  • Hazards
  • Activity you undertake
  • Your location.
2.  Risk category assigned: intrinsic site hazard
  • Safety and environment consequences
  • Rated from ‘A’ to ‘D’ (‘A’ sites are visited annually, others less frequently.)
3. Performance of the site is taken into account
  • How well sites perform in managing major hazard risks
  • Poor performers will receive more visits than better managed sites.
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