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December 2, 2021

Top 5 causes of workplace injuries


Top 5 causes of workplace injuries


Employee safety is a top priority for any employer. Employees are the driving force of your business and need to be able to work in a safe environment to ensure efficiency and productivity.

Knowing the most common workplace injuries and ways to prevent them can decrease the number of workplace accidents at your business and increase employee safety.



Overexertion has been regarded as the leading cause of workplace injuries. This can happen when pushing, lifting, carrying, or moving objects. As an example, it is estimated that overexertion injuries in the USA cost businesses almost $13.7b in 2018, an increase of 23.5 percent from the previous year.

Providing ergonomic equipment within the workplace can reduce this risk as they are designed to minimise strain and injury. It is also advised to ensure your employees are fully trained on safety involving physical tasks and the processes that go along with it.

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Slips and Trips

This type of injury is also common, as it can be caused by many different factors: loose wires, wet floors, items left on the floor, or just low-grip shoes, can all lead to a slip or trip and then a claim.

Injuries of this nature can be prevented by ensuring safety processes are in place, such as making sure all equipment is put away before leaving the premises, and employees take responsibility for their workstations and their cleanliness.

Risk assessments should be done to identify areas that could potentially cause harm, eg. if there are wires that lead across the floor, get a cover that is brightly coloured to ensure your employees notice it.


Falling to a lower level

Not all workplaces involve anyone working from or being at a height above ground level, but jobs that do risk injury. Falls from ladders, roofs and other elevated areas are estimated to cost the US 45.9b each year on overall costs.

Providing your employees with the right equipment and training is the best way to reduce this risk. Ensure they hold the right to work from height and keep up-to-date with risk assessments before anyone starts a job.


 Struck by object or equipment

Being struck by a falling object or a piece of equipment is one of my most common causes of death in the construction industry, according to the occupational safety and health administration.

Human error is a big factor in this type of injury, therefore training needs to be implemented regularly to ensure items of machinery and equipment are being moved/stored in the safest possible way.


Exertions or bodily reactions

These injuries are caused when a person is engaged in a strenuous effort or excessive physical motion. Repetitive actions are often the cause, so can happen in just about any job. These injuries can cost up to $4.2b a year in the US.


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