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BT’s Redcare Ceases Operations

Unexpectedly, BT's Redcare division, a leading provider of alarm transmission systems (ATS), has announced its decision to discontinue operations effective from August 1st, 2025. Customers have recently received an 'Important Notice' via post and email, informing them of this impending closure.
It is believed that over 100,000 private customers and businesses currently using the security and fire alarm system will be affected, prompting them to seek alternative solutions. This news poses several challenges not only for these businesses and their suppliers, but also for the insurance sector.
Redcare Classic and Redcare GSM, long regarded as the 'gold' standard for alarm transmission systems, have been frequently requested by insurers. However, with intensifying competition and evolving industry dynamics, specific standards are now more commonly sought after than a particular brand.
Many customers will be unaware of the precise technological specifications on which Redcare was run, so it’s important that the replacement service they choose provides a like-for-like performance level.
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Suppliers and installers of alternative products are revving up to approach the huge number businesses and private individuals who will need to adjust their systems. It’s recommended that BT Redcare customers take prompt action, as the closer we approach August 1st, 2025, the higher the likelihood of encountering installation bottlenecks and product shortages.
Insurance policies will have security warranties and many insurers will expect you to upgrade your alarm system in advance of the 1st August deadline to maintain cover.
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