How do you reward good driving behaviour?

This is a question many people have asked, and normally this is measured by lack of accidents. However, this can create a culture where drivers fail to report accidents in order to keep any bonuses arranged.

There are telematics systems available but these are specific to vehicles and do not follow the driver.

We may have a solution.

An app-based product that monitors driving style, benchmarking against previous results and providing reward incentives and email feedback.

  • The app analysis of 5 driver behaviour patterns
  • Risk – analysis of incidents of high contextual road risk
  • Speeding – percentage of time spent exceeding legal speed limits
  • Distractions – monitors interactions with smart phone where the app is located
  • Fatigue – monitors time spent without breaks
  • Eco – looks at harsh breaking acceleration

The driver can see their performance and, in addition, the system provides the transport manager with a dashboard to monitor driving behaviour.

Unique to this product is a rewards scheme. Drivers earn mileage points which can be used in a raffle or league table to reward best driver and maybe most improved. This can be tailored to your needs.

Results show:

  • 25-35% reduction in collisions
  • Reduced operating costs with a 10 fold return on investment
  • Reduced fuel consumption by up to 15%
  • Promotion of a safety culture with driver engagement
brightmiles case study

33% reduction in claims numbers

  • Each trip a driver makes is automatically captured in the ‘Trips’ section of the app
  • This digital record of the mileage of each trip helps drivers manage fuel expenses
  • Trips are classified as ‘Business’ vs. ‘Personal’
  • Drivers are able to easily create mileage reports to support their mileage claims

The only smart, engaging, and easy to implement driver safety solution – this is not traditional telematics!

  • App based – no hardware or implementation hassle
  • Ideal for company cars, car allowance, & grey fleet drivers
  • Affordable price point (low monthly fee, no upfront costs)
  • Driver friendly (no more tracking or “Big Brother”)
  • Certified, enterprise-grade IT security & GDPR compliance
  • Actionable insight and proactive programme management
brightmiles case study


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